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Parents With Celebrity Children Who Bought Them Houses

In most cases, we show gratitude to our parents by buying them gifts. Depending on your preference, you may buy them a bouquet of flowers, a vacation and even a car if your budget allows it. For celebrities, however, a present for your parent is something totally different. Their presents are more expensive in nature. Houses are one of them, and there is an endless list of celebrities who have purchased on for their parents. Just like we love celebrities, we also enjoy when they show appreciation to their parents. Apart from looking at the famous stars who purchased a home for their parent6s, we are also going to look at the choice they made for them.

First on the list is Beyonce. The clock rewinds to 2013 when Queen B as most of her fans refer to her bought a dream house for her mother. Although it was [purchased close to six years ago, the house is still as luxurious and exquisite as ever. It is an extravagant house with six bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. It is even better when you realize that it is in her hometown, Houston, TX. The house is always a luxurious present for a mother with its initial asking price of 20 million reaching a final price of 5.9 million. What makes it even better is the fact that the house itself takes up a whole 25,000 square feet of two acres of land. The house has every single feature pointing towards luxuries such as jacuzzis, private screening rooms, and ornate French-Italian architecture.

Second on the list is Dwayne Johnson or The Rock as most people know him. He is among the best-paid superstars in the world. Unlike most celebrities, Dwayne Johnson is humble and well-grounded. He also bought his mother a house. The Rock rolled back the years to a time when they lived a life almost similar to that of gypsies as they jumped from one apartment to another. He was finally able to get Mrs. Johnson the star comes that she deserves after getting huge earnings from projects such as Jumanji and The Fast and The Furious movie franchise. The Rock appreciates his mother, Ata Johnson for all the sacrifices that she made while he grew up and got her a new house for Christmas of 2018. The specifics of this house remain unknown as of now, but we suspect it has all the luxuries.